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CE_ADV Category Icon
Students who are comfortable with the camera, workflow, or their practice will be successful in advanced classes.
CE_BEG Category Icon
Beginning courses introduce students to photographic fundamentals.
CE_BP Category Icon
Creating photo books offers students new opportunities to present their work, considering sequence, narrative, and physical layout.
CE_C-L Category Icon
Capture the outdoors, from the city to the natural world, in these classes.
CE_DP-DW Category Icon
Learn the digital camera, image making software and workflows, and digital printing in these beginning to advanced courses.
CE_DOC Category Icon
Explore using photographs to tell stories and learn narrative, journalistic and documentary strategies.
CE_ALTP Category Icon
Learn traditional analog photography, experimental, and historic processes.
CE_INT Category Icon
These courses offer a next step for students familiar with camera fundamentals, basic workflow, and the creation of photographic images.
CE_LI_ Category Icon
These courses introduce and deepen use of natural, studio, and location lighting.
CE_1DAY Category Icon
One day workshops include both shorter sessions and full day courses.
CE_OL Category Icon
Join ICP from anywhere with our online courses and workshops.
CE_ONS_1 Category Icon
Take a class onsite at ICP, in state-of-the-art facilities that include black-and-white darkrooms, media labs, classrooms, and professional shooting studios.
CE_OPN-BG Category Icon
Students ranging from beginner to experienced will be successful in classes that are open to all skill levels.
CE_PVI_1 Category Icon
These courses help students consider the ideas behind making photographs, discover new visual strategies, and refine their vision.
CE_PHP_1 Category Icon
Students explore the place of images in our world and in their own practice, from the history of photography to present day social media.
CE_PO Category Icon
Photographing people is the heart of these portraiture classes, which explore a range of concepts, from lighting techniques to documentary representation.
CE_TA Category Icon
ICP's Teen Academy welcomes teenagers ages 14–19 from across the country and around the world to develop their skills as visual storytellers in a range of online and in-person courses.
CE_WLK Category Icon
Join your class at a social distance for photo walks in New York City. Some classes will also meet online for lectures and critique.