The Artist Statement Made Easy

Course Code: 21SCEPV00004

Dates: May 8-9, 2021

Meets: Sa and Su from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST

Location: Online Zoom Classroom

Spring Tuition: $320

This introduction to art writing allows you to articulate the unique nature of your own photographic practice. It is ideal for those who are building a website or submitting applications for grants, residencies, or competitions, and may be uncomfortable writing about their work. Through a lecture, in-class exercises, and individual feedback, students will use various writing strategies and techniques to craft a creatively and clearly artist written statement. This course is limited to 12 students.

Prerequisite: Open to All Skill Levels: Students ranging from beginner to experienced will be successful in classes.

Courses are subject to minimum enrollment. Please register early, within five days of the start-date, to reduce the likelihood of course cancellation and to ensure you receive all course-related materials in time to prepare for class.

Image: Liz Sales
Fee: $320.00

Online Zoom Classroom

Liz Sales

Date Day Time Location
05/08/2021Saturday10 AM to 1 PM Online Zoom Classroom
05/09/2021Sunday10 AM to 1 PM Online Zoom Classroom

Please be ready to share your work briefly in class. This just means having a 5-7 JPG of your work on your desktop or the URL to your website or Instagram feed handy.


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