Lightroom III Online

Dates: October 7 - November 4, 2020

Meets: W from 10:00 AM to 12 N

Fall Tuition: $450

Instructor: Ports Bishop

This advanced course is for photographers with a working knowledge of Lightroom and digital photography who want to delve into the software's professional uses. Students examine this powerful and essential modern tool from capture through output, as they gain new control over their images and the use of advanced tonal and color adjustments. They also develop new skills in output and asset management, making new workflow possibilities faster and more intuitive, and thus maximizing all that Lightroom has to offer.


Advanced: You are proficient in Lightroom. You are completely comfortable with image input and output on a computer. You have a solid portfolio of images.


This class requires Adobe Lightroom software.

Fee: $450.00

Call us at 212-857-0001 to see if you qualify for a discount on this course.

Ports Bishop

Faculty Bio
Date Day Time Location
10/07/2020Wednesday10 AM to 12 N CE Zoom Classroom
10/14/2020Wednesday10 AM to 12 N CE Zoom Classroom
10/21/2020Wednesday10 AM to 12 N CE Zoom Classroom
10/28/2020Wednesday10 AM to 12 N CE Zoom Classroom
11/04/2020Wednesday10 AM to 12 N CE Zoom Classroom


Students will need to have Lightroom for this course. The instructor can provide more details during the first class as to which version of the software might be best for you.


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