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Lesly lives in Beacon, New York. She is faculty at International Center of Photography (ICP), owner of Fiber Ink Studio, a pigment print and drum scan lab and co-creator of Women Picturing Revolution. She holds an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) has taught at the Lamar Dodd School of Art in Cortona, Italy, the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Harlem School of the Arts. She recently created and taught a course entitled Navigating the Domestic: Mother As Artist at ICP and co-created and taught the seminar Women Picturing Revolution: Focus on Africa and the African Diaspora at Columbia University's Institute for Research in African-American Studies. In 2014 her book Domestic Negotiations was published by with ICP edu and she continues to work on this series and believes this to be a lifelong pursuit as the role of mother, wife, and artist is not a fixed position. Most recently, her photographic work was exhibited at Foto DC and published in Secret Behavior Magazine and Landscape Stories. In November of 2016, she co-curated Women Picturing Revolution panel event at the International Center of Photography, New York.

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After over 30 years as a freelance commercial photographer, Ben Russell started a second career as a high school art teacher and has been teaching visual art and B&W film photography at the High School of Fashion Industries in NYC for the past 6 years. Ben also teaches at the International Center of Photography and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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Liz Sales is a photo-based artist, art-writer, and educator. She was an editor at Conveyor Magazine and has frequently published writing in Foam Magazine. She has been a faculty member at the City University of New York and the University of Connecticut and the International Center of Photography and is the author of the book I Write Artist Statements. As part of her personal art practice, she lived and worked in a functional camera obscura in Brooklyn, NY for one year.

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Curtis Willocks is a freelance photographer and educator. His images have been published in Time, US News and World Report, and Springer Foreign News Service. His photographs have appeared in books published through St. Martin's Press and West Publishing. Advertisements for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Lutheran Medical Center, and Forest City Ratner have also featured his work. Over the last two decades he found his true passion inspiring high school students to tell their stories through photography as an educator with the Children’s Aid Society, Teen Academy at ICP, the High School of Fashion Industries, Summer and Saturday Live at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Friends of Hudson River, and the NYC Department of Education. Curtis is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.