Stretch Your Creative Muscles

Course Code: 21WCEPV015

Dates: January 13 - February 17, 2021

Meets: W from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Winter Tuition: $370

Feeling stymied in your photographic practice? Need a little push to try something new? In this class, students get to stretch their creativity muscles! Weekly exercises challenge participants to experiment with creative approaches to storytelling and try new techniques and ways of taking pictures. We also seek inspiration from a variety of photographers from around the world. At the end of the class, students are energized and inspired to expand their style or continue a project from a fresh perspective.

Prerequisite: Open to All Skill Levels: Students ranging from beginner to experienced will be successful in classes.

Note: All camera formats are welcome.

Courses are subject to minimum enrollment. Please register early, within five days of the start-date, to reduce the likelihood of course cancellation and to ensure you receive all course-related materials in time to prepare for class.

Anja Hitzenberger
Image: Anja Hitzenberger
Fee: $370.00

Anja Hitzenberger

Faculty Bio
Date Day Time Location
01/13/2021Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Online Zoom Classroom
01/20/2021Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Online Zoom Classroom
01/27/2021Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Online Zoom Classroom
02/03/2021Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Online Zoom Classroom
02/10/2021Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Online Zoom Classroom
02/17/2021Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Online Zoom Classroom

Please be prepared to send to the instructor 15 examples of your work (the instructor will provide more information about how to do this prior to the first day of class). Feel free to send your favorite images, or a project you’re currently working on. Please also send a few images that you’re not satisfied with, so we can find out together what could be improved.


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