Introduction to Contemporary Latin American Photography

Dates: October 6 - November 3, 2020

Meets: Tu from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Location: CE Zoom Classroom

Fall Tuition: $340

This course introduces students to contemporary Latin American photography via the region’s geography as well as the themes that connect its photographers. We investigate the photographic centers of Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo in addition to the work of individual photographers. While focusing primarily on younger generations of photographers actively producing today, the course also includes an overview of important photographic references. The instruction mode is primarily visual, but also includes light readings in and out of class.


Open to All Skill Levels: Students ranging from beginner to experienced will be successful in classes Open to All Skill Levels.
Fee: $340.00

Call us at 212-857-0001 to see if you qualify for a discount on this course.

CE Zoom Classroom

Tom Griggs

Faculty Bio
Date Day Time Location
10/06/2020Tuesday1 PM to 3 PM CE Zoom Classroom
10/13/2020Tuesday1 PM to 3 PM CE Zoom Classroom
10/20/2020Tuesday1 PM to 3 PM CE Zoom Classroom
10/27/2020Tuesday1 PM to 3 PM CE Zoom Classroom
11/03/2020Tuesday1 PM to 3 PM CE Zoom Classroom



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