Position in the Frame: Photography and Identity

Dates: October 8 - December 3, 2020

Meets: Th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: CE Zoom Classroom

Tuition: $435

What can questions about the construction of identity in the United States help us understand about making photographs? This course offers a contextual introduction and interrogation of cultural studies keystones including selections by Gloria Anzaldúa, bell hooks, Adrian Piper, and George Lipsitz that intersect with photography. In addition to situating essays in history and art, students will wrestle the ways the authors address subjects such as identity, representation, and power through writing, reflection, and discussion, continually questioning “where is photography in this?”

Note: This course has synchronous and asynchronous elements. There is required reading, watching, and writing outside of the course time and required listening and responding during the course meeting time.


Open to All Skill Levels: Students ranging from beginner to experienced will be successful in classes Open to All Skill Levels.
Fee: $435.00

Call us at 212-857-0001 to see if you qualify for a discount on this course.

CE Zoom Classroom

Natalie Zelt

Faculty Bio
Date Day Time Location
10/08/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
10/15/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
10/22/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
10/29/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
11/05/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
11/12/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
11/19/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom
12/03/2020Thursday3 PM to 5 PM CE Zoom Classroom

1. Sign up for a "Free Canvas" account, it is the second option here: https://www.instructure.com/canvas/login/free-for-teacher
2. Familiarize yourself with Canvas. Here is an overview video:
There are many others. 
3. Watch the two videos below while making notes and asking yourself "Where is photography in this?
     1. Watch up to 38:45 of James Baldwin v.s. William F. Buckley (Cambridge University, UK 1965) 
     2. Watch Beyoncé, Formation (2016)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDZJPJV__bQ
4. Do at least 300 words worth of writing around the questions "Where is photography in Baldwin v. Buckley?" and "Where is photography in Beyoncé, Formation (2016)?" Bring that writing to the first class meeting.


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